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Depression home remedy: Look for God

I’m sorting out my relationship to the news. I love National Public Radio (NPR), because I think they do the most thoughtful and balanced reporting. But like a lot of people, the news gets to be too much. I get depressed, and I have to turn it off.


Gif via The Wonderful World of Cinema.

When I served as an officer in my (mainstream) Presbyterian church, our regular meetings closed with shared observations. Our pastor would ask, “Where have you seen God this week?” Those observations helped me to understand God in a new way.

It’s similar to Fred Rogers’ advice: when times are painful, look to the helpers. (Fred Rogers, by the way, was an ordained Presbyterian minister.)

So periodically I will share a quick image of where I’ve seen God lately. It helps me when I’m feeling depressed. It’ll look something like this:


Have you seen God anywhere lately?



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